About the Author

Jim Carver is the author of 8 books, in a series called Life at the Lodge.

These books are An Almost Perfect Life, Gold Dust, Deep and Crisp and Even, Watersky, The Gold Necklace, The Mysterious Bob Larch, The Reindeer Drum, and The Cabin at Big Rock.

He is currently working on 3 new books.

Jim Carver spent many years working in geological exploration in wilderness areas all over Canada, and his books draw on his experiences.

He was sidelined from his career by the onset of hereditary cerebellar ataxia, a condition which affects motor skills in an ever-worsening way. He has been in a wheelchair for almost 3 decades and has taught himself to type very slowly with only 1 finger. He dictates his books, even though it is difficult to speak.

He has a well-developed sense of humour, a keen interest in his characters, and to read him is to laugh out loud on every page.

He continues to inspire himself and others through his books. He loved his work in the Canadian wilderness. Now his writing is his way of interacting with others and exploring the world.

Jim Carver lives and writes in Victoria, on Vancouver Island, B.C.

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